A Question

For the cross stitching friends who read this blog:

Have you ever started a project that you liked initially, but then lost interest because it didn’t match your decor or style of stitching,  and /or you didn’t have anyone in mind to give it to?

Stitching Update (and possible moan)

Well, like every one of the stitching groups and SALs I joined last year, my stitching has somewhat fizzled.  And I’m having trouble getting motivated.  I keep trying to tell myself that I have cross-stitched for nearly thirty years without a group to keep me motivated, so why shouldn’t I be able to continue that way?  Well I miss the groups!  Even though they were just online, they still felt like a group and I found them very encouraging.

Admittedly I’ve been distracted.  A house in process of being built will do that to you.  Add to that the fact that with moving in the near future, I haven’t been able to follow up my last big finish with a new big start.  And a new start is often what gets me going when I’m in a stitching slump.

So we muddle on, doing a little bit here and there.  I haven’t had a page finish since October…but I’ve made a little progress.

Here is the photo from October:


And here is my little bit of progress:


I am hoping that posting regular (if I can get there) updates will help me to keep going.

Stitch From Stash October Update

Month:  October

Spent : 0

Earned: $2

Carried over from September: $61.46

Budget: $88.46

Finally a page finish!  I have eight more pages to finish on this one.  That is a bit intimidating, especially since I am counting most of my stitching hours.  I’ve spent 18 1/4 hours on this page, and I had already started the project before I started counting hours.  So I’ve probably put in over 20 hours so far.  It will be very interesting to me to see how many hours I end up with in total.

It was a very busy month, and I didn’t do a lot of stitching until this past weekend.  It is fun to get back into it now and to see progress.

On top of all the busyness, I got shingles.  Fortunately it was a mild case, and I am recovering with a minimum of pain and itching.

Here are the photos.

September photo: Before


October photo: After


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Stitch From Stash September Update

Month:  September

Spent : 0

Earned: 0

Carried over from July: $36.46

Budget: $61.46

Well I finished the “other” project I’ve been working on.  I had no clue on how to count it for SFS, as it was nearly done when I joined the SAL, and had a ton of backstitch to do.  I don’t know how to count that.

Anyway, here it is:  DSCF3827


Because of the push to finish that one, I’ve spent less than two hours on the roses this month.  I don’t even quite have a page finish to report.  Perhaps next month…

So here are the photos.

August photo: (Before)


September photo: (After)


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IHSW September Update

I really thought that I would get a lot of cross-stitching done this month, but life got really busy.  So when it was time for IHSW week, I made up my mind to spend as much time as possible stitching this past weekend.

Well, best laid plans….I was out much more of the weekend than I usually am, but I did manage to get some done.  In fact, I finished M’Lady’s Chateau, a design that I started work on in 2011!





I don’t know if you can see all the detail, but there are more French knots in this one than I think I’ve ever done.  I love how the backstitching and knots give the picture texture.

That makes two large designs finished so far this year.  If I work really hard….I might finish a third, but that is probably dreaming.

The simple woman’s daybook


Outside my window…it is rather dull, but our backyard is a mass of green.

I am thinking…about how to get through all the books we have to read this year.

I am thankful…for the lovely day we had yesterday, out for a trip as a family.

In the kitchen…leftover meatloaf for dinner.  I am hoping to roast veges to go with it, if I can find the recipe. (Edited to say, the roast veges turned into potatoes, onions, carrots and seasonings in a foil packet with butter–they were yummy, but my timing of reheating meatloaf and cooking vegetables did not turn out.  Still dinner was pretty good.)

I am wearing…blue jeans, an old t-shirt (because I wasn’t planning on going out today), and a fleece.  It is cool in the house, but I’m not yet willing to consider it Fall, and bring out the long-sleeved shirts.

I am creating…this blog post today, and probably not much else.

I am going…on a bike ride with the kids this evening.

I am wondering…about a number of things, upcoming changes etc.

I am reading…schoolbooks to the kids.  Yes, we have started our school year.

I am hoping…that the sun comes out again this week.  It has been very dull.

I am looking forward to…some changes which I can’t talk about here yet.

I am learning…to work around a school schedule again.

Around the house…the living room is a bit cluttered, with new family photos to send out,  a basket of laundry to be folded, and miscellaneous stuff that just needs to be tidied.

I am pondering …answers to prayer.

A favourite quote for today…”And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” 1 John 5:15

One of my favourite things…fresh cookies baked by the children.

A few plans for the rest of the week: School, cleaning house, cross-stitching, working at the hospital gift shop, and errands.

A peek into my day:



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Stitch From Stash August Update

Month:  August

Spent : $13.54

Earned: 0

Carried over from July: $25

Budget: $36.46

I spent money for some fabric for a couple of projects to do later….much later, probably. And alas, no finishes for this month.  I did make progress, however.  My main difficulty is that I’m still trying to finish the backstitching on a project that has been in the works for several years…and while I’m not counting it for SFS, my stitching time has been divided between two projects.

This is the project I’ve been trying to finish:DSCF3814


And this is my SFS project:

July photo: (Before)DSCF 3799


August photo: (After) DSCF3816

IHSW August Part II

Usually there is only one International Hermit and Stitch Weekend (IHSW) a month, but this month there were two.  It was a good excuse for me to work on the project that I haven’t been working on much in the past year because I was trying to finish another project.  I’m down to the backstitching on that one, so there isn’t a lot of changes to notice from day to day.

Without further ado, and noting that I got at least another hour of stitching in this past weekend, here are the photos.

Last week:  DSCF3807


And this week:

I’m not sure why the second photo is so big, unless it is because I took it with my cell phone and posted it from there.

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My First IHSW Post

I got to take part in my first International Hermit and Stitch Weekend this past weekend.  The point is to spend as much time during the weekend (from Friday through Sunday) cross-stitching, knowing that while you are doing this, others on the list are also spending their weekends in the same manner.  You can sign up here if you wish to join in.

Alas, for me it wasn’t a great weekend for stitching.  I managed a grand total of two hours over the weekend.  Hopefully, I will be able to do better the next time.  I did do another hour of stitching on this project earlier in the week, so I do have a small amount of progress to report.

Here are the before and after photos:






If you look closely, you might be able to see progress. :)

The Simple Woman’s Daybook

For Today… August 3, 2015
Outside my window…it is sunny, and breezy and not very hot.  The relative calm after the storm last night that brought down two trees into my neighbour’s yard, and a large branch off our maple tree near the house.
 I am thinking…that it has been a long time since I wrote a Daybook post.
 I am thankful…that there was no damage to either ours or our neighbour’s house in the storm.
 I am wearing…blue jeans and a navy t-shirt.  I changed from capris this morning because the day has stayed cool, so far.
 I am creating…lesson plans for our school year.
 I am going…to go outside and do some weeding this afternoon, I think.  I want to do two more weeks of planning first, and clean up the kitchen.
 I am wondering…about a number of possible changes coming up.
 I am reading…Shadow of the Moon  by MM Kaye.  I have a very old edition of the book,  but I’ve actually been listening to the audiobook version while I try to finish a cross-stitch project.  I had read the book as a teenager, and the same parts of the book that disturbed me then, disturb me now.  The book is set in India during the time of the British Raj, and the sepoy rebellion.  It is a gripping tale, but sad.
 I am hoping…that the backstitching on my current project continues to go very quickly.  It is usually my least favourite part of a project to do, but I do like how it creates depth in the picture.
 I am learning…to trust, and not worry about the unknown so much–definitely an ongoing process!
 In my garden…are many weeds, some of which I hope to pull this afternoon.  Actually, my husband really worked on the flower garden at the front of the house last year, and I love the flowers that are blooming there.  We did make one mistake, and planted Yarrow in front of the rose-bush.  The Yarrow is doing beautifully.  The rose–in the shade behind it–not so well.  In the vegetable garden we are just starting to get ripe cherry tomatoes.
  In my kitchen…I haven’t felt much like cooking.  It has been so warm lately.  Tonight though, I’m planning meatloaf, and hoping my potatoes haven’t sprouted in the heat.
 A favorite quote for today…”As thy days, so shall thy strength be.”
 A peek into one of my days…DSCF3797
One of my favorite things…is finishing a cross-stitch project, especially one that I’ve been working on for several years.  I am nearly finished with one I started in 2011.  I can hardly wait to get this one off my stand and to get started on another one.  I actually have more done on it than this photo shows.  I’ve finished the cross-stitching and have a good start on the backstitching.


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